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EPA requires 2 hours of training, and that training meets OSHA requirements for school employees who may encounter asbestos during their routine work activities.  So the 2 hour awareness training is appropriate for K-12 school employees who aren’t required to do asbestos removal as part of their job description.

For removal of nonfriable asbestos materials (such as roofing or floor tile) OSHA requires 8 hours of training specific to that type of work, and requires “hands-on” training.  EPA does not require training of licensing for nonfriable removals.

For anyone conducting a small scale, short duration asbestos removal project (involving less than 3 square or 3 linear feet of asbestos material), EPA and OSHA require 16 hours of training which also includes “hands-on” training.

Any work involving more than 3 square or linear feet of friable asbestos requires 32 hours of training and a license from the State of Indiana, and that work also requires a supervisor who has and additional 8 hours of training and a supervisor license.

This session meets the 2 hour AHERA training requirements for Asbestos Awareness. Certifications given for this asbestos 2 hour Asbestos Refresher training course.


Event Cancellation Policy

NIESC Cancellation Policy

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