Listen Courageously

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  • Date:
    • August 24, 2021 - September 7, 2021
  • Presenter Name:
    • Juliana Tafur
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    • $200.00
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    • $200.00
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We’re living in a time where genuine human connection has never been more important – regardless of ideological preferences, skin color or cultural heritage. Our mission is to solve an evolving social problem, which is as a society, we have forgotten how to listen. Using this virtual empathy-inducing workshops, we’re breaking down these silos by guiding people on how to have heart-centered conversations that lead to understanding, as well as how to listen to see past stereotypes.

“List(e)n, which toured the festival circuit in the U.S. and was awarded four accolades, including a humanitarian award – brings together three sets of individuals across three hot-button issues, to listen to each other and transcend their differences. Using the documentary as a listening and engagement tool, we invite participants to realize that when we learn about others who might look or think differently from us, and understand their lived experiences – the fear or hatred we might feel, dissolves.

Participants are required to watch List(e)n, as well as complete a listening assignment that prepares them for the sessions.

August 24: Live Watch Party

After viewing the video, there are two 2-hour workshop sessions:

Session 1 on August 31 is devoted to empathic listening, using the film as a tool for unpacking what good listening looks like, and how difficult it is to listen when we disagree. Participants walk away with a framework to apply in their lives, to become better listeners, as well as strategies for entering any type of difficult conversation. This
session culminates with a powerful letter-writing exercise.

Session 2 on September 7 applies the listening tools from part 1 and specifically has participants internalize the importance of listening to see’ past stereotypes. We work to reframe our perceptions about people who might look different from us, take participants back to their first experiences with bias and have them connect with what it feels like to be treated as less than others.

The film’s lessons, as well as the filmmaker’s 4-year listening journey, are all unpacked during the sessions, in a compelling program with valuable takeaways on how to engage in positive dialogue across differences. This is the first time Listen Courageously will be available to a K-12 audience. Don’t miss your chance to dig in and listen.


Event Cancellation Policy

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