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Reduced and Prioritized Standards
By now we are all familiar with the 25% reduction and 33% prioritization of Indiana's Academic Standards. Supporting the next step work with educators can be tough. One way to support your staff is with cross-walk documents to update curriculum maps and related resources. Below are several options designed to streamline the process.

Support Documents are Coming!
Reduced and Prioritized Standards in Indiana means new resources are being developed to support educators.
Timeline for Resources
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Corporation Test Coordinators
The IDOE has the following supports in place for CTCs:


Curriculum Study Council 

Better Together: The NIESC and NWIESC groups will join into one group 
Hybrid Approach: Some meetings will be virtual, and some will be in-person. Meetings will support work and build relationships. 
Two Leaders: Dr. Sarah Hickle has joined NIESC/NWIESC and will co-lead the group.

Sign Up and Join Us!

First Meeting:

  • Wednesday, August 30 
  • In Person @ NIESC Office
  • 10:00 AM - Noon EST Focus
  • Topics: New Education Legislation and the Revised/Reduced Standards
  • A question is on the signup sheet linked above to RSVP for this meeting.

Link to Calendar and Agenda Links for Upcoming Meetings

INLearningLab Reminder
As you kick off the new school year, don't forget to access for resources and to grab your PGPs.

Dr. Michelle Grewe
Director of Professional Learning @ NIESC and NWIESC
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