Executive Director Notes

Dr. Don Harman
Executive Director

We continue to grow to serve you with the addition of the following staff:

  • Julie Monetta, Literacy Cadre Training Support Specialist
  • Danielle Gilbert, Literacy Cadre Training Support Specialist
  • Monique Hutchinson , Literacy Cadre Training Support Specialist
  • Christine Gesiakowski, Literacy Cadre Training Support Specialist
  • Laura Unsicker, STEM Integration Specialist
  • Ilona Roberts, Food Service Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Sarah Hickle, Director of Academic Innovations and Initiatives

Service is our #1 priority! Our staff believes each member is a valued partner. Based on that belief we focus on the following practices each day:  
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Service

Our entire staff includes:
Dr. Don Harman, Executive Director
Lisa Abell, Assistant Executive Director/ Director of Co-op Purchasing
Dr. Michelle Grewe, Director of Professional Learning
Darlene Kennedy, Director of Technology Integration
Dr. Sarah Hickle, Director of Academic Innovations and Initiatives
Dr. Colleen Wruble, Director of Food Services
Sara Williams, Assistant Director of Cooperative Purchasing 
Kelsey Rodriguez, Food Service Director
Ilona Roberts, Food Service Administrative Assistant
Grace Nyhuis, Business Manager
Shannon Harman, Career and College Liaison 
Laura Unsicker, STEM Integration Specialist
Becky Richhart, Literacy Cadre TSS
Julie Monetta, Literacy Cadre TSS
Danielle Gilbert, Literacy Cadre TSS
Monique Hutchinson, Literacy Cadre TSS
Christine Gesiakowski, Literacy Cadre TSS
Kaylyn MacKillop, Contracted Dietitian
Tara White, Contracted Media Specialist
Do not hesitate to contact any of the above individuals as we are here to assist you in any way possible.

Indiana Academic Standards Support

Indiana Academic and Early Learning Standards
brought to you by 
IDOE, ESCI and Indiana Educators
Sept 12th: Fort Wayne, IN
Sept 13th: Merrillville, IN
Learn more and register today!

Engage in professional learning with other Indiana educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders to learn more about successfully implementing the streamlined and prioritized 2023 Indiana Academic Standards and Early Learning Standards through the Future-Focused Learning Series. Learn more about the available professional learning opportunities now.  Sessions include:

  • Building a Foundation: Update on Standards and Assessments
  • Redesigning Assessments with a Future-Focused Emphasis
  • Introduction to Future-Focused Early Learning Standards
  • Science of Reading Implementation: Indiana’s Priorities for Early Literacy
  • Change Management and Helping Teachers Translate Standards into Practice
  • Family Engagement and Communication of the 2023 IAS
  • Future-Focused STEM Education: Implementing Integrated STEM Standards at the Elementary Levels
  • Future-Focused STEM Education: Implementing Integrated STEM Standards at the Secondary Levels
  • Leveraging WIDA Standards and IAS Connections to Support English Learners
  • Integrating Computer Science as the “T” in STEM
  • Leadership, Coaching, and Effective Teaming to Support the 2023 IAS
  • Mathematics Instructional Strategies: Transforming the Student Experience
  • Meeting Students Where They Are: Data and Next Steps
  • Supporting Specific Student Populations at the Early and Elementary Levels
  • Supporting Specific Student Populations at the Secondary Levels
  • Unpacking the Early Learning Standards: Using Instructional Supports to Create Developmentally Appropriate Educational Experiences
  • Introduction to Future-Focused English/Language Arts: A New Chapter
  • Introduction to Future-Focused Science and Computer Science: An Intersection of Practices
  • Introduction to Future-Focused Social Students and Civics Integration Guidance: The People, Ideas, and Events that Shape Our World

Cooperative Purchasing

School Testimonial: K12Indiana  
K12Indiana/SpendBridge has been a great addition to building and department purchasing at Prairie Heights. Our teachers, department heads, and treasurers were still using hand written request to purchase forms in the school buildings. Now they have the freedom to search from our approved list of online vendor catalogs. The staff was hesitant at first,  but now our teachers love the fact that they have more of a hands-on role in the purchasing process. Our online approval process is seamless and was set up to fit our needs. We have also integrated SpendBridge with Komputrol’s BSF software to eliminate some of our data entry. This was a huge time saver! K12Indiana/SpendBridge has helped us to create a streamlined and efficient purchasing process and the staff at SpendBridge has been great to work with. They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions or issues we have.   
-Christine Orr, CFO, Prairie Heights School  
Contact Lisa Abell to request an account on K12Indiana/Spendbridge. 

Food Service

CNPweb Program Year (PY) 2024 is Now Open

School Nutrition Programs (SNP) PY 2024 is now open within CNPweb. Sponsors can run DC and begin the PY 2024 application. 

SNP Application

Sponsors should start with the Sponsor and Site Information sheets prior to moving to the Checklist tab. Complete instructions for the application can be found on the CNPweb announcement page and under the Help tab across the top purple ribbon. Some important reminders/changes:

All sponsors must update the permanent agreement. The agreement must be reviewed and signed by the sponsor’s Executive Contact (listed on the Sponsor Info Sheet in CNPweb). A digital signature can be accepted for the agreement. The school-appointed food service director may not sign this document. Sponsors will be required to meet the annual training requirement for Civil Rights and Ethics. Please review those training modules in Moodle. Each sponsor’s school-appointed Food Service Director must take the Ethics course for the new school year and upload the newest certificate into the CNPweb checklist. If your school charges students for meals and the paid lunch price is less than $3.56, you must have completed the Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Tool or have been approved for a PLE Exemption.

Errors in the system currently undergoing fixes include: Date Food Service Director obtained Food Safety Certification under the FSMC/Vendor/Food Service Contractor section will error, even if the sponsor selected they do not have a FSMC or Vended Meals Contract. Enter the same date that was entered in the Food Service Director - hired by the SFA section. Sponsors that are not audited by the Indiana State Board of Accounts and expended more than $750,000 in the last complete fiscal year should be seeing a new section between OMB Single Audit Compliance and Certification Statement. This is not currently populated. These sponsors should continue with the application process and wait until a fix has been implemented to finalize the Sponsor Info Sheet. 

Sponsors will continue to be updated on any issues or changes to the CNPweb system. If you have any questions please submit within the CNPweb Help Form.

Direct Certification

Ensure the browser pop-up blocker is turned off. The DC spreadsheets will not populate if the blocker is on. If you receive an error message when downloading under Review New Matches, go to DC Download History, sort by All Sites, and download all of the files labeled All Sites. For updated instructions related to DC, review the DC webpage, review modules on Moodle, or attend an upcoming DC webinar. Issues with DC can be submitted to the DC Help Form

Technology Integration


2023-2024 Digital Learning Parent and Family Support Grant

The IDOE has announced grant support for school districts ready to design a plan that support parents with topics related to educational technology and blended/virtual learning environments. The grant application window closes Friday, September 15, at 5 p.m. ET. See this memo for additional information and to apply.

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is partnering with the Educational Service Centers (ESCs) of Indiana to provide support for both currently licensed teachers in non-STEM areas, and prospective teachers who are not licensed and hold a bachelor’s degree, to become licensed to teach a STEM subject. The IDOE has identified eligible STEM content areas as life science, chemistry, earth/space science, physics, physical science, computer science, technology education, and mathematics.
Click here to learn more

Professional Learning

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Here we Grow Again!
Dr. Sarah Hickle has joined the professional development team as the Director of Academic Innovations and Initiatives. Having Dr. Hickle on board will greatly expand the support offered to member schools.  Moving forward, Sarah will co-write the Connect-the-Dots Newsletter. 
Welcome, Sarah!

Member Spotlight

Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson is the Superintendent at South Central Community School Corporation. He is entering his 10th year at South Central, and 14th year in education. Since he has been at South Central, he has been in pretty much every administrative position they have. He started in 2014 as the assistant principal/athletic director of their jr-sr high school (which they have since split that position... they now have an AP and an AD).  After 1 year in that position, he became the elementary principal. He was in that role  for 3 years before moving back over to the jr-sr high school as principal for another 4 years before becoming the superintendent. This is his 2nd year as superintendent.
They have been working on quite a few projects at South Central the last year. Most notably, Ben is proud to say that they have resurrected their pre-kindergarten program in his first year as superintendent. It was paused at the beginning of Covid in 2020 and then didn't return. They have been a part of SkyBound Education's strategic planning consortium for the past two years (entering year 3 this year), and have worked hard on developing, planning, and ultimately publishing a strategic plan for their school corporation, along with fine tuning some curriculum mapping, working with the new GPS from IDOE, and more.

We asked Ben what the most rewarding part of his job is. He responded, "The most rewarding part of my job is still our kids!  I love that my office is in the school building, and we house all students pre-k through 12th grade under one roof. I try to get out and see our kids as much as possible. Some kids will find their way to my office pretty often, as well!  Another rewarding part of the job has been to see projects come to fruition. For a lot of those, we put months and months of planning and preparation in to ultimately make them happen.  It's been fun to be able to put my own "stamp" on some things at the school."

Future goals and dreams Ben has for South Central are to keep forging ahead!  They have initiated and taken the first few steps in doing a larger scale building project next summer. They have already put many hours into planning and preparing for that. Ben looks forward to bettering their already great facilities to continue to meet the needs of all of their students!
An interesting fact about Ben is that he is the varsity girls basketball coach for South Central. He is entering his 3rd year as head coach. So that takes up most of his spare time. However, Ben also enjoys spending time at sporting events, going out on his pontoon boat, and being with family and friends.

Northern Indiana Education Service Center
56535 Magnetic Drive
Mishawaka, IN 46545

574-254-0111 | niesc.org


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