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Standards in Essential Need of Support
SENS are standards that are high priority AND have shown low-performance levels.
*SENS  are a result of 2022 legislation, COVID fallout, and the need to focus on specific standards.
*NO standards were removed.
*SENS will be updated annually based on data. A new SENS list will be published in July following 2022 ILEARN data collection.
Grewe SENS Document
SENS Selection in K-2
K-2 was treated differently than 3-8 in the SENS selection process because there aren’t the same level of resources and data available at the state level for those grade levels. Priority and performance determinations were made by a slightly different process. The IDOE used vertical articulation (related standards) from the grade 3 ILEARN blueprints to determine the priority of the standards. Therefore, if a vertically aligned standard at grade 3 was a high priority, the related/prerequisite grade 2 (or grade 1 or K) standard was deemed high priority.
IDOE also has access to statewide benchmark/interim assessment data for grades K-2 which was used to inform the performance indicator, along with the performance of the related standards at grade 3 on ILEARN.  Educator committees analyzed the standards identified using both sets of data to ensure they were in line with classroom instruction and experiences. 
Curriculum Work
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Let's Talk ILEARN Data
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NIESC and NWIESC are super excited about the upcoming FREE STEM and High Ability day with leaders from the IDOE. Both events will be held simultaneously at Christo's in Plymouth. Link for Details

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ELLs in the High Ability Classroom
Dr. Donna Albrecht from Indiana University Southeast presented to the Indiana High Ability Network in April with a focus on working with ELL students in a high-ability classroom. 
Video Recording
HA Network Slide Deck
Dr. Albrecht’s Slide Deck
Characteristics of English Language Learners with High Abilities, Gifts, and Talents: Check Sheet for Teacher Observation
Don't miss the July 13 HA event with Dr. Van-Tassel Baska. Sign up with the link below.
July 13: Differentiating Curriculum for HA Learners Registration Link

Grant Links

INspirED grants newsletter - May
EL monthly happenings - May 2022
June 14, 2:30 - 4:30 EST the IDOE will have an EL Leadership Meeting to walk through NESP and Title III applications. Microsoft Teams Link
Aspire Higher Newsletter May
Grant Due Dates Side-by-Side
*Participants will learn about ILEARN scoring: PLDs, Cut Scores, Quantiles, Lexiles, writing scores, and more. (What are they, where are they, and how can they be used?)
*Participants will explore the Online Score Reporting site: How to find your way around the site and who has access to what information.
*Participants will sort through reports: Individual Student Reports VS Standards-Level Reports VS Aggregate Level Reports. 
*Next Steps: Learn how blueprints, item specifications, PLDs, and other data sources that correlate with the test can help you plan for future options.
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Dr. Michelle Grewe
Director of Professional Learning @ NIESC and NWIESC
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