Food Service Director Consulting

NIESC has three, highly qualified Directors of Food Service on staff and an Assistant Director of Food Service. Through these individuals, you will assure your food service department is running efficiently.

To utilize one of our directors, we offer a consultant agreement with a tiered fee so smaller districts can afford this service.  You may utilize one of these experts to help guarantee your district is compliant and is following all state and federal guidelines for your cafeteria department.

We also offer a unique Food Service Director Mentorship Program. By utilizing this program your new food service director will receive instruction, guidance, and oversight from one of our Directors of Food Service. The mentorship program is offered as a flat, annual fee.

NIESC is the only service center in the state offering these unique programs!

For more information on taking advantage of any of the above programs, contact  Dr. Colleen Wruble, Director of Food Service.