Point of Service-POS NIESC RFP

NIESC is the first SFA Cooperative in the state of Indiana to procure a cafeteria Point of Sale (Service) program to meet state and federal guidelines!          

NIESC has over two decades of cooperative purchasing experience under their belt. Our specialty is food procurement. Through our program, we ensure your member district has access to healthy, affordable food to fill the trays at your school. Hand-in-hand with providing food is the program to ensure your district meets the nutritional guidelines to provide the healthy food your students need. NIESC has published and awarded not one, but two Point of Service Platforms for Indiana Educational Service Center Members throughout the state of Indiana!

Our evaluation committee was comprised of school district professionals and after extensive demonstrations from three, highly qualified providers we have awarded our RFP to the following companies:

  • Titan-A Linq Solution: Titan is a simple, intuitive, and totally integrated software. Our evaluation committee was blown away by the functionality and the pricing to ESC Members!  Through a partnership with NIESC it is now possible to get the best nutrition software in the industry without a costly and time-consuming RFP Process. NIESC has met all of the USDA and the State of Indiana Procurement Guidelines for your district!! Indiana district nutrition programs that implement LINQ will have unlimited, on-demand training courses and full implementation of services, including full access to TITAN Academy, a self-paced online training platform featuring video courses and providing School Nutrition Association continuing education credits. For information about how you and your district can benefit from this opportunity visit TITAN or email Titan at hello@titank12.com


  • Mosaic-By Heartland: Mosaic Point of Sale and Free & Reduced are loaded with features to help you stay connected and productive while keeping your serving lines moving. Create enhanced menus with tailored images, colors, and layouts. Our evaluation committee was excited to be able to offer Mosaic as an alternate vendor to meet the needs of all districts in the state of Indiana while providing a solid, functional product at an affordable price. For more information, visit MOSAIC.

Who we are and what we do: NIESC, Region 7 is one of Indiana’s nine individual Education Service Centers (ESCs).  Over the last several years, changes in meeting the state and USDA guidelines for school child nutrition programs have led the ESC Food Cooperative Consortium to grow to over 80 districts. This cooperative ensures all products meet the USDA guidelines for child nutrition while monitoring changes in legislature and school food trends. NIESC is the lead administrator of this team, ensuring all USDA and State requirements are being adhered to as part of the procurement process on behalf of each participating service center.

For more information on the POS RFP, sign up for an account on our NIESC Website to access the RFP Documents and pricing or reach out to Lisa Abell.