STEM Ecosystem

Ecosystem 1The vision of the Indiana STEM Ecosystem revolves around supporting and nurturing collaborative efforts among various stakeholders. By serving as a statewide mediary, the Indiana STEM Ecosystem will facilitate the development and launch of regionally-based STEM ecosystem hubs. These localized ecosystems will work cohesively towards aligning regional STEM goals and priorities with the broader STEM objectives of the state of Indiana, resulting in a powerful collective impact.

NIESC STEM Ecosystem is proud and excited to serve as the regional STEM ecosystem hub for Region 7 located in Mishawaka, IN.

Through this unified approach, NIESC STEM Ecosystem and the Indiana STEM Ecosystem will provide:

  • ongoing support for STEM ecosystem members
  • resources and professional development
  • state-level coordination of STEM initiatives

By creating a seamless alliance between the regional and statewide STEM endeavors, we aim to ensure maximum impact on STEM education in Indiana, enhancing access to quality learning opportunities, academic excellence, and future success in the STEM field.

Join this transformative journey, as we work together to build a future where collaborative efforts empower learners, educators, and professionals alike, driving the growth and prosperity of STEM education across the state!



The first annual Hands-On, Minds-On STEM Summit is a single-day experiential convening designed for formal and informal educators working to increase STEM literacy for youth of all ages. Summit participants will explore the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis through the lens of STEM while engaging with experienced practitioners and experts from across STEM fields.

Click here for more information and to register for the summit!


Region contact:

Laura Unsicker
STEM Integration Specialist
Regional STEM Ecosystem Lead


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